Antiquitas Lost


From Kirkus Reviews
“This is a bildungsroman and quest tale in the tradition of epic high fantasy, and fans of the genre will enjoy the extensive world building and imaginative magical feats. The characters are well-developed, some with poignant back stories and others whose true intentions aren’t revealed until the very end. Though the novel is lengthy, there is never a dull moment, as the characters’ actions drive the plot at a steady pace all the way to the ultimate battle. More than 70 pen-and-ink illustrations by Geof Isherwood, evocative of a Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, add an extra dimension to Smith’s vivid descriptions. Pleasing for readers looking to escape into an expansive world of magic, conflict and racing action.”

From ForeWord Reviews:
“This debut novel is a far-flung quest through a world of nightmarish creatures and epic conflicts in the spirit of Tolkien's The Hobbit, but what makes the story truly wondrous are the many personal touches that the author provides in creating his multi-faceted characters. For example, the reader never forgets that Elliott is not the ready-made hero that the legends foretell, but is scarcely more than a boy, with a youth's self-doubts and fears; surely, he protests, the prophecy of a great warrior coming to the defense of Harwelden could not apply to him! But as he discovers marvelous abilities he never dreamed he had, he must also learn to accept the faith of his newfound friends if he hopes to help the beautiful princess save her homeland. Complementing the fast-paced narrative are brilliant illustrations by Geof Isherwood, well-known by fans of Marvel comics Conan the Barbarian and Spider-Man. Though this book is directed toward the young adult reader, it will appeal to lovers of fantasy and adventure sagas of all ages.”

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:
“Robert Louis Smith has channeled Anne Rice's unassuming writing style and pacing while borrowing themes from an earlier period of fantasy writing... Antiquitas Lost is a nostalgic trip to another world. It borrows much from an earlier period of books, comics, and movies and comes off as an original homage to everything loved about youth with enough that is new to avoid parody.”

From Library Journal:
"[Antiquitas Lost is] a fantasy epic that draws from many mythologies and incorporates creatures not usually seen in standard fantasies: Sasquatch, gargoyles, and prehistoric Neanderthal-like species. VERDICT: Well conceived and simply told, this debut fantasy adventure should appeal to the same readers who love Terry Brooks's early Shannara novels. Suitable for adult as well as YA readers."

From Roundtable Reviews:
“This story taps into parallel universes and how events in one world affect things happening in another. From the first sentence I was drawn into the story and couldn't wait to see how things played out…Illustrations in Antiquitas Lost are the brilliant work of Geof Isherwood from Marvel Comics. The pen and ink drawings appear regularly through the book, and definitely added to the story…Fantasy readers of all ages should grab a copy of Antiquitas Lost. It's a fascinating story full of a mix of characters, some creepier than others, and a storyline that really involves the reader. I can easily see my nephew, a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, finding hours of enjoyment with Robert Louis Smith's novel.”

From Minding the Middle Reviews:
“Smith does what my favorite fantasy authors do (Anne McCaffrey, J.R.R. Tolkien): he creates a fantasy world without being an imitation. In Pangrelor there will be no dragons, dwarves, elves - common creatures often imitated, but never to the richness and depth of the classics…This is a great Middle School book that can span to the adult realm - for fantasy hard cores and reluctant readers alike.”

“When I got [Antiquitas Lost] in the mail I was a little surprised by the length of 600 plus pages. But the story included 70 plus pages of black and white art work by the famous comic book illustrator Geof Isherwood, who has worked with Marvel Comics for years.  The story of Elliott grabbed me right away…But the story is not carried by Elliott alone. It also tells of a princess desperate to hold together a corrupt and crumbling kingdom, a Susquatanian looking for redemption, and a Serpan hell bent on revenge.  And then there's Elliott, who brings them all together in a battle of the ages as he discovers that he has the powers to make or break a kingdom and possibly a world… As the story came to an end I found that I didn't want to say goodbye to Elliott or this amazing new world called Pangrelor. I really enjoyed Antiquitas Lost and look forward to more written by Robert Louis Smith.

“This is an entertaining quest fantasy with unique species that bring a brisk freshness to the tale. The story line is fast-paced with vivid illustrations enhancing the good vs. bad guys plot… Mindful of The NeverEnding Story, young adult readers will appreciate this engaging thriller starring heroes with histories and allies with nebulous motives not as lucid as they first appear.”

“Like The Chronicles of Narnia, Dreamseeker’s Road, and The Magic Kingdom of Landover, Pangrelor is a parallel world accessed from our own. The people who stumble in are generally considered normal and could be either you or me. This is one of the charming qualities of the book…Throughout the novel there is a great and perfect amount of dialogue, description, and action. The prologue was incredibly action-packed and as reader, we are thrown into a new world with new terms. It certainly gets your attention. Often times throughout the novel I thought of others, but always it was a fresh and new slant. Slipher and Pongo made me think of Don Quixote. The testing chamber in chapter seven was reminiscent of the Aes Sedai testing chamber in The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, Book 2)…I rate this book a 5 out of 5! I loved it!”

From Rhodes Reviews:
“…Even the bad characters were multi-dimensional. As a reader, I could see their motives behind their actions, and you were able to get into their minds and see more of their background. The novel drew me along on the journey as Elliott met winged creatures, wizards, sasquatches, and other creatures. The reader was also there for all the narrow escapes and battles that went along the way. The novel was left open ended so here would be room for more stories, many more stories as it seemed involving Elliott and other worlds. Each chapter was accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Geof Isherwood and these really added to the overall feel of the book. I think it’s a great fantasy…. It’s a tale in the classic style of fantasies such as Wizard of Oz, and I think when it’s released later this month you should pick it up. It’s definitely worth the price.”

“When Antiquitas Lost showed up on my door, it was like an old friend who had stopped by after a long absence…a fairly imaginative, well-paced tale with wonderful characters in a truly unique setting. It all starts with Elliot, an outsider who gets picked on by other kids because he’s different... Smith paints Elliot as a sensitive figure of quiet strength from the outset of the novel; this direction was a nice change of pace from other authors who choose to depict their young protagonists with angst, even hostility. It’s not hard to feel bad for the kid...The ‘meat’ of this story is very well paced, and Smith uses the party’s globe-trotting to introduce readers to his setting and history, which is familiar to anyone who is an avid reader of fantasy, while being unique in its own special way. Geof Isherwood‘s illustrations turn this book into a really enjoyable experience; they give the book a bit of a nostalgic quality that reminded me of the classic fantasy books of my childhood that made me fall in love with this genre in the first place.”

I found this book to be very enjoyable. It takes a little getting used to the names of places and people, but it’s a very good fantasy book. Recommended for fans of fantasy, dark fantasy and adventure.

From Dad of Divas Reviews:
This book was full of amazing illustrations... The story itself was richly designed and the author takes meticulous steps to create a world that engrosses you and keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you like fantasy and books like The Lord of the Rings, you will love this. One of the things in the book was the fact that the author holds back some very important clues in the story until the very end (I won't spoil the surprise), so it will keep you guessing and wondering until the very end! A great book for any fantasy lover!”

"...The creatures that Smith created resemble popular creatures from other novels, with the exception of the Salax. The Salax are horrifying and unique, and their existence can now plague my dreams! Accompanying this novel are illustrations by Marvel’s Geof Isherwood, who is known for illustrating Silver Surfer, Conan the Barbarian and Doctor Strange. The illustrations are not on every page, but they are included with each chapter. They are something to look forward to, as they are quite beautiful…[Antiquitas Lost] was compelling and energetic. You can tell Isherwood enjoyed illustrating it as well, with his detail and his character depictions…Keep your eye out for this novel. It will be one you don’t want to miss!”

"...[Antiquitas Lost] has a fresh, easy feel with lots of clear, well versed action. Smith’s greatest asset is his ability to write with great pacing. For a 615 page epic fantasy, this has an enjoyable pace that’s not too fast and not too slow... I sincerely enjoyed it... Smith’s style, combined with Isherwood’s illustrations, brought out the childhood me who enjoyed reading old novels with illustrations such as Treasure Island." 

Sample Customer Reviews:

"An amazing book, I loved every minute" Ariana at 5/5 stars

“I loved this is an is is good vs. is a far-fetched fantasy at its best. Its appeal should be wide...readers of fantasy, other worldly fiction, even readers of dystopian literature will love this book.” Patty at 5/5 stars

“Though [Smith] follows the classic fantasy themes, this is about as original a fantasy work that I have read in a long time, packed with lots of new and refreshing characters and ideas that I haven't seen before. The plot twists are great and the author kept me guessing to the very end. As an added bonus there are tons of illustrations that go along with book and the artwork is spectacular. I spent a lot of time between chapters just looking at the pictures. Overall I would recommend this book to all fantasy lovers as a must read.” Andy at 5/5 stars

“If you’re not convinced that you need to read this book, you should be. Thank you Robert Smith.” Jen at 5/5 stars

“Elliott's adventure in Pangrelor quickly takes on a very LOTR feel, complete with a large cast of important characters from various fantasy races. Smith did a wonderful job at not only introducing these different characters without overwhelming me as a reader, but he also wove in important information about the cultures and customs of all of his creatures without turning his book into a fantasy anthropological venture.” Lawral at 4/5 stars

“Want a Tolkien fix without the imitation? This is it.” Cathy at 5/5 stars

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