Antiquitas Lost



For thousands of years, Shamalans have been the ruling class on Pangrelor. They are Atlantean in concept and have the ability to transform themselves into an aquatic form. Once in the aquatic form, they can breathe underwater and swim "like creatures born of the sea". Underwater, specialized membranes cover their eyes and allow them to see clearly. However, when they are in their "land form", they are indistinguishable from humans, except for "birthmarks" that cover the webbed spaces between their hands and feet. There are four distinct classes of Shamalans. These include the nobles, the priests, the warriors, and the artisans. Major Shamalan characters in Antiquitas Lost include Princess Sarintha (noble) and Crosslyn (priest).


Grayfarers are a class of winged warriors that are approximately eight feet tall and canine in appearance. They are known for their predilection for battle and for their lack of faith in The Shama (a local religion). They have talons on their hands and feet and their primary means of locomotion is flight, though they have no trouble walking. They have been allied with the Shamalans for perhaps a thousand years and serve as the protectors of Harwelden (Pangrelor's ruling civilization). The powerful Grayfarer Council of Harwelden is a political body second in power only to the royalty. Major Grayfarer characters in Antiquitas Lost (there are many) include Waldemariam, Woolf, Grimaldi, and Oscar.


The Serpans are a race of massive, primitive hominids that live on Pangrelor's icy northern continent (Vengala). Serpan culture is remorselessly violent. Like the Shamalans, the Serpans are an ancient race, but their geographic origins have left them at a strong disadvantage for natural resources. Conversely, The Shamalans inhabit the lush southeastern coast of Pangrelor's bountiful Carafayan continent, and this disparity of natural resources has been a driving force in the generations-long war between the Shamalan empire and the Serpan hordes. Major Serpan characters in Antiquitas Lost include Slipher and Golthel.


Gimlets are a race of dimunitive, primitive hominids with keen intelligence. They are known for their short stature, potbellies, and protuberant ears. Gimlet cities have thrived throughout all of Pangrelor, and gimlets seem to be ubiquitous there. Over the last few generations, the Carafayan gimlets (those living on the same continent as the Shamalans) have had to adapt to the realities of war as attacks from the northerly serpan horde have increased in frequency and lethality. As a result, several gimlet cities have formed their own armies. For the friendly gimlet race, such a thing would have been unheard of just a few generations previously. Major gimlet characters in Antiquitas Lost include Marvus and Jingo.


Susquatanians are a race of furry, bipedal, forest-dwelling beasts that occupy the wooded Valley of Susquatania (aka the "Valley of the Beasts") and the neighboring Susquatanian Forest. Their ancient wooded homeland lies between the mountain city of Harwelden, where the Shamalans live, and the Serpans spindly mountaintop castle (known as Sitticus). Because of their geographic location, the Susquatanians increasingly find themselves caught in the middle of the escalating war between the Shamalans and the Serpans. However, they are determined to remain neutral at all costs, and spare themselves from the agonies of the worsening conflict. Major Susquatanian characters in Antiquitas Lost include Hooks and Keats.


Darfoyles share remote biological origins with the Grayfarers, and the two races are described as "ancient cousins", though the darfoyles are larger, darker in color, and have tails. Like the Grayfarers, the Darfoyles have talons on their hands and feet and flight is their primary method of locomotion. The Darfoyles tend to inhabit Pangrelor's northern climes and they are closely allied with the serpans (much like the Grayfarers to the Shamalans). There appear to be fewer Darfoyles in Pangrelor than Grayfarers, though some of the Darfoyles serving the serpan emperor have become quite well known. Major Darfoyle characters in Antiquitas Lost include Viscount Ecsar and Viscount Erebus.