Antiquitas Lost

Antiquitas Lost

The Last of the Shamalans

Antiquitas Lost tells the story of a boy named Elliott, a lonesome kid with deformities on his hands and feet who is uprooted from his home after his mother falls gravely ill. When they move to New Orleans so his grandfather can help care for her, Elliott learns that the old man's eighteenth century mansion hides an ancient secret. While checking out some eerie paintings and strange relics in the basement, Elliott strays through an ancient passage into a tumultuous parallel world, full of bizarre creatures and warring races. He has stumbled into Pangrelor, the most ancient of all worlds and "mother to all the stars in the sky." As he learns to navigate his new surroundings, he discovers wondrous abilities he never dreamed he possessed, and an abiding connection to the primitive, alien world that will forever change him. But he must proceed carefully. For he soon learns that his actions in the ancient world will impact the upcoming battle for Harwelden, Pangrelor's greatest civilization, and will also resonate all the way back to New Orleans, perhaps deciding whether his own mother lives or dies.

New Orleans Connection

The author began writing the book in 2003 while living in New Orleans's Garden District, and New Orleans is prominently featured in the book. Chapter one takes place in New Orleans Garden District, and several real-life locales are mentioned. These include Pleasant Street (location of the authors first New Orleans apartment), the old Lafayette Cemetery (understood to be Lafayette Cemetery number 1 in New Orleans Garden District), and an "old book store," understood to be the Garden District Book Shop on Prytania Street. There are also references to St. Charles street, the Mississippi River, and the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte, after whom a famous Bourbon Street bar is named. An important Gimlet city is named after a street in the garden district (Prytania), and the ocean on the east coast of the Carafayan continent, The Ponchatoulan Ocean, seems to have been influenced by the Louisiana town of Ponchatoula. Toward the end of the book, Hurricane Katrina is referenced.

Anne Rice Connection

The author has stated that he began writing Antiquitas Lost while sitting at Anne Rice's dining room table. Although the author and Ms. Rice were neighbors from 2003-2005, they have never met. The author bought Ms. Rice's dining room table from an estate sale at one of her New Orlean's properties, the old St. Elizabeth's orphanage. He has stated that he hoped working at the dining room table would bring him luck, and that he imagined that Ms. Rice may have sat at the same table while working on one of her Vampire Chronicles books.

624 pages :: Paperback :: Medlock Publishing :: 10/1/11
ISBN10: 061546047X :: ISBN13: 9780615460475